National Oil & Chemical Spill Alliance

The above organisation is made up of like minded consultants, geologists, hydrologists, biochemists, clean up contractors, chemists, Chemical engineers, environmental scientist & Marine spill contractors who deal with environmental problems for the insurance industry and loss adjusters, The Environment Agency and the Marine Coastguard Agency.

One phone call can deal with any spill, or pollution control problem/situation in the UK by qualified EA accredited contractors and consultants with a combined experience of hundreds of years.

The environmental industry dealing with such problems has to date lacked cohesion in its approach to dealing with emergency spills and remediation problems caused by accidents of various sorts. However by using the Alliance a vast amount of expertises is available to the organisation, as well as an equipment register second to none.

By having these facilities, problems related to site clearance and costs are much less likely to get out of hand and third party environmental damage is kept to a minimum.

The benefits of using this organisation are:

  • All work undertaken is overseen by the Alliance - Ensuring correct and proper methods are used, and an independent consultant does the survey work.

  • All contractors will carry the required insurances and comply with all health & safety and environmental legislation. - Reducing the risk of legal action.

  • All work is guaranteed, and a response time of 4hours maximum for any incident. - Ensuring quick stabilization and minimising further damage.

  • Subscribing to the Alliance gives a vast amount of equipment at our disposal for dealing with any spill incident however large. - A resource not available to most companies

  • We can solve all loss adjusters and insurance companies environmental problems with one phone call. - Time and effort saved "shopping" around.

  • Advice from the Alliances to the insurances industry will always be available; particularly, with regards to legislation (currently being breached by some contractors). - The advice can be specific to a job or general.

The Alliance will also be running training courses for loss adjusters and the industry helping them to get a better understanding of the work involved particularly in oil spill clearance, which is on the increase in domestic claims.

In all we feel we have put together a comprehensive plan to cover the insurance industry giving piece of mind, with controlled costs.

To register to the Alliance or find out more ring 0800 970 2112

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